The new regulations on the Environmental Distinction

  • Published 19.12.2017

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Since last Friday, the owners of vehicles that have a vehicle classified as B, C, ECO or O emissions and that do not have an environmental label corresponding to the classification made by the Main Directorate of Traffic, may at the offices of Co-rreos .
In this way, the control and applicability of various measures consistent with the point of air quality is facilitated, as is the case of the measures that Barcelona City Council plans to establish to date in the case of quality measures of air, pollution, for which vehicles without environmental labels DGT can not be distributed in the area of ​​low emissions in Barcelona.
The insignias can already be purchased in 30 post offices in Catalonia. On December 15, the sale will be extended to 70 corrosion offices in Catalonia and in the main post offices of each province.
The placement of an icon, with the exception of the vehicles affected by any means associated with the one that installs it, is voluntary and can be bought at the post offices at a price of 5 euros.
However, since this facilitates the quick identification of vehicles with less polluting power, it is recommended that the lower right corner of the front windshield, if applicable, or that is in any visible part of the car be respected.
In any case, the competent administrations will have real time access to the DGT vehicle registration and will know the environmental classification and the type of label that corresponds to each vehicle.
In addition, the ciutadano that want to know what ecological label corresponds to the vehicle of his property can consult in him in


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